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Complete Cleaning Services Lynn MA

We’ve been providing high quality cleaning services in Lynn at highly affordable prices for years. Not only do we offer the full spectrum of services to match pretty much any need, we are able to customize them to a perfect fit. If you like easy pricing, reliable service, and a quality of care you won’t find elsewhere, we’ll get along great.

From deep cleaning for a house you’re moving into, or a regular housekeeping and laundry, we provide it all. Not all our clients are homeowners either. Business owners need their locations is clean just like everywhere else, and we routinely provide office cleaning and commercial janitorial services as well. Realtors who are preparing a location for new tenants need a thorough cleaning service as well, and we provide those at great prices too.

Our mission is to provide such a great experience with us that we’ll earn your ongoing business and recommendation for years.

For quick service and the best price, please call us at 339-217-8295. One of our cordial staff members on hand will be happy to take your call. 

complete cleaning services lynn ma
We Provide Full Housekeeping Services
house cleaning services lynn ma
Office Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning
lynn ma cleaning services
Intensive House Cleaning for All Needs

Did you search for “cleaning service near me” or “maid service near me”? Well you’re in the right place. Lynn Cleaning Services provides quality and speedy cleaning in and around Lynn. We’re the top local cleaning company in the area and are proud to provide excellent services at extremely competitive prices. 

We’re not a big company by any means, but by keeping our overhead LOW and our focus on QUALITY, we have been blessed with great success in our community. Every client interaction is important, and we will continue to build our small business one great customer experience at a time. Thank you for checking us out, and we hope to hear from you.

Lynn MA Cleaning Services

Below is a brief list of the services we offer. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll see what we can do. We’re always happy to accommodate whenever possible. After we know what you need and want, it can become a consistent routine that you can rely on. Or, if it’s a one-time cleaning, you can be sure it’ll get done the way you want.

+ Residential Cleaning Services (House Cleaning)

+ Organization ServicesHousekeeping, and Laundry

+ Move Cleaning (Move In, Move Out Cleaning) and Deep Cleaning

+ Commercial Cleaning (Office Cleaning)

+ Green Cleaning

+ Carpet Cleaning

complete cleaning services in lynn ma
house cleaning services in lynn ma

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5 Powerful Reasons to Choose Lynn Cleaning Services

1. Trustworthy, Easy, Reliable.

Our service is entirely focusing only on what we do for you. It’s not an accident we rank so highly for cleaning services in Lynn, it’s because of the consistent value we deliver for our clients. Scheduling is easy with us, you just pick up the phone can call us at 339-217-8295 One of our staff will be happy to hear about what you need and then make recommendations and handle scheduling. It’s quick, easy, and painless, and you get to move on to more important things. We’re here to make your life easier.

2. Professional Cleaning

We’re not going to pretend cleaning is rocket science, because it’s not. But there many parts of the job that a cheap cleaning service can skip to shave off a few minutes, save a few dollars on supplies, and so on, that can negatively affect your health and safety. Plus, if you paid for cleaning, you deserve to get it. We’ve had clients come to us after noticing their old cleaning service was re-using dirty wipes, diluting cleaning fluids, and just sweeping things under the rug. 

That doesn’t fly with us. We never sacrifice the core quality of our service to lower our prices. So many people work with us because they want professional quality, and that is what we deliver in each and every customer interaction. Our goal is to stay at the top of the list of best cleaning services Lynn MA.

3. Local Housekeeping Services

A good maid service makes use of dozens of different cleaning supplies and tools to achieve a quality clean at a pace that clients want. Tools are great, but they must be used and maintained properly or they’ll end up doing just as much harm as they can do good. For example, the variety of wipes and wash rags we use must be used properly and if appropriate, discarded at the right time. Not washing and resetting a wash rag properly, or using a dirty wipe improperly, will spread germs from once surface to the next. Your toilet to your sink, for example. Or your kitchen sink to your kitchen counter. This is just one example of the ways that we mindfully protect your best interest to deliver quality cleaning. 

Another quick example would be the vacuum cleaner. If not maintained, it can easily do more damage than good. A good cleaning will result in cleaner air and environment, but a “bad” vacuum will throw up so much dust and particulates that you’ll have red itchy eyes, congestion, and sinus pressure for hours. That’s why it’s key to have a system in place to check and maintain equipment as we do.

4. Proud Lynn Locals

Our cleaning service is 100% local. We’re not a national company or a regional branch of a national company. When you call us for cleaning, you’ll be working with a local Lynn cleaning service with roots in our community. You’ll be working with local folks who do quality work, provide quality jobs, and who help support our local economy. A lot of our clients look up something like “house cleaners near me” and they find us. Plus, because we keep our overhead low, we can offer you quality services at great prices.

5. Top Value

Everyone defines value differently, but how we define it is meeting or exceeding the expectations for the price. We seek to make each cleaning as great as the first, and to get to know the needs of our clients very thoroughly. The five star experiences we deliver on a daily basis have been the powerhouse behind us reaching the top rank in our area and given us our stellar reputation as a complete cleaning services Lynn MA. Our mission is to be the easiest, best, and highest value cleaning service in the city! 

As we expand our services, we will continue to deliver such a great experience each and every time that we’ll earn your long term business for years to come. 

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Cleaning Professionals You Can Trust

Everybody, including us, likes a great deal. But there are some things that a cheaper service will do that can have very negative consequences for you. As a result, after years of being called in to replace a less than professional company, we’ve made this list of things to look out for when dealing with such companies or services. In our experience, in addition to the health risks they can also end up costing you money or wasting your investment. 

While our services are prices very competitively and are a great deal, we pride ourselves for being a professional cleaning service and you can count on us to deliver professional quality. 

Here’s the list, from bad to worse.

1) You could be exposed to bacteria...

When cheap companies re-use dirty wipes or don’t change gloves after cleaning the bathroom, you can be exposed to all kinds of different bacteria on your common surfaces. Or when they water down and dilute their cleaning chemicals to save money. Those germs can be spread from your lavatory to your sink, and from there onto your hands. We usually assume these surfaces are clean because they look clean, but a dirty wipe can leave no trace. 

2) Allergies could flare (sinus pressure, headaches, sneezing, etc)

When a maid service forgets to maintain its vacuum filters the dust gets kicked back into the air. If you’re around, you’ll breathe it in and it’ll irritate your sinuses and cause flue-like symptoms. Even if you’re not around, the dust will eventually settle onto the room’s contents and whenever you move around in the room, you’ll accidentally throw it back into the air. Another way this happens is when a housekeeping service sweeps really quickly to save time, but ends up throwing dust around the room. Or when they sweep under furniture. So if you looked up cleaning service near me and you found us, you’re in the right place.

3) Your cleaning person might not be vetted

In a field where turnover can be high, many cheaper services don’t interview or vet their employees very thoroughly. This raises a huge question over how well you can trust them, and makes your life more stressful, not less. At Lynn Cleaning Service, we take this responsibility very seriously because we understand that we’ll be trusted with the security of your space. We are acutely aware of the trust you’ve placed in us. Every member of our house cleaning services Lynn MA team is thoroughly vetted.

We Make Things Easier For You

The nature of a cleaning service is convenience. Our entire business is built on making your life more streamlined, clean, and easy. We want to do that as easily and simply as possible. Whether it’s general house cleaning or office cleaning, you can call us today to schedule your quality cleaning. The point of taking advantage of local housekeeping services is to make your life easier in the first place!


House Cleaning Services

We offer affordable house cleaning services including regular cleaning programs like maid service, housekeeping, laundry as well as intensive one time only services like deep cleaning or move cleaning. In addition we now provide carpet cleaning, floor cleaner, and green cleaning. So if you’re looking for house cleaning services in Lynn MA, look no further!

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpets can make the difference between just OK and your floor being soft and comfortable. The problem is that they can also get dirty very easily. They collect dirt, germs, bacteria, and grime, and most of the time you can’t even tell except for a potential musky smell. 

As a result it’s very important to occasionally have your carpets cleaned, and we don’t mean running the vacuum over them a couple of times (although that won’t hurt). Carpet cleaning methods include steam cleaning, shampooing, encapsulation, and even dry carpet cleaning, and you can read more about which methods are best recommended at our carpet cleaning service page. This makes our carpet cleaning Lynn, MA services very popular because it feels great to have your carpets freshened up.

Affordable Office Cleaning

When it comes to business, a clean and orderly environment has numerous benefits. First of all, people who work in clean and tidy environments are able to concentrate more, get more work done, and value their job more. Secondly, any special clients, business associates, or business guests will be impressed by the way you maintain your location. You’ll give the impression of someone who has everything under control and runs a tight ship. Our affordable office cleaning services are really affordable and have many benefits. 

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows look bad and they can make your house or office look bad too. Even if the contents of your location are beautiful, the dirty window will make it harder for people to see it. Our window cleaning service is fast and affordable, and can be bundled with any of our other services for the best price possible.

Organizational Service

Organization is a skill of its own. Some people are good at it, some people aren’t. However studies have shown that it’s not only great for your psychological well being, it’s also great for decreasing anxiety and increasing emotional tranquility. We all like for there to be order in the world around us, and the best place to start is your own personal space. Organizational service is a standalone service of ours, so please call us at 339-217-8295 about any organization you’d like to get done.

Move in Cleaning Service

Whether you’re moving in or moving out, a good cleaning can go a long way. When it comes to moving in, you have no idea what types of materials, fluids, and things have been in that home. From being exposed to bacteria or germs that were left behind to simply suffering from worsened allergies, a moving in cleaning service can really help to alleviate those concerns. If you have pets or children, you might be interested in our deep house cleaning service

In the case of moving out, a good cleaning is a great way to secure that the security deposit gets returned to you without excessive deductions. No doubt you’ll spend less on a general touch up move out cleaning with us then you will on the service expense the walk-through service will charge you. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your move in cleaning service.

Deep Cleaning

This is our regular cleaning service on steroids. We totally get that you’re looking for a top to bottom deep cleaning for your home or location, and we offer many options to ensure everything you want is included. If you have any specific requests that are especially important to you, please call us at our number below and we’ll be happy to talk about how we can accommodate them. 

As you’ll understand, this intense attention to detail and extra thorough service uses more supplies and takes up more time, but for the extremely competitive price we offer, it’s more than worth it. A good example of that is some of the more extensive forms of carpet cleaning Lynn, MA. Plus by going with the top rated company in the area you’ll be able to count on it being done properly. 

Laundry Service

Laundry is no fun, but we’ll do it for you anyway. After all, nobody enjoys doing it (no matter what they say) but grabbing the lush, soft towel after a shower is enough to remind us all why we end up doing it anyway. 

Our laundry service is flexible and usually can be bundled with any of our regular services. We’re constantly trying to expand our offerings and the their flexibility, so for your laundry service Lynn MA needs, please call us at the number below.  

Green Housekeeping Services

Eco Friendly Cleaning is now being offered by Lynn Cleaning Service! We’re so happy to be able to accommodate those of you who are looking for a green or eco friendly approach to cleanliness. Green housekeeping services and eco-friendly green cleaning is a very effective way of cleaning and takes advantage of different green products and methods that reduce our negative impact on the environment around us. They also give off reduced vapors and cause less irritation than strong, non eco friendly chemicals.

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